Key terms The city of Abadyl

Abadyl: Is the title of a painting by Michael Johansson made in 1987 for the exhibition populärminne (Popular memory) it is the combination of the word abstrakt (abstract) stad (city) and akryl (acrylic paint), it now lends it´s name to the project presented here. Years later when internet searching became available I found out that it also is a small mission in the USA.

Co-Creation: The aim to use co-creation is to break the common position of the single artist and instead put forward a positive friction between Abadyl and the invited co-creators perspectives and professions. To create a temporarily and mutual relationship where we can interact, evolve, reflect and innovate in a multidisciplinary setting that blurs the boundaries between art, research and innovation.

Fieldasy: Tries to bring field studies and fantasy together, to slowly create a discreet dynamic tension and/or displacement between persons, things, times, places, and events that are not usually – if ever – associated into new and surprising conjunctions.

New Media: All media objects that could be variably, dynamic, meta-tagged, manipulated, modular, algorithmic, cloned, copied, coded, trans-, cross- and dis coded or procedural.

Prototypes: Is our approach to explore the profound relationship between digital materials, tools and artefacts.

Scenarios: Helps us to provide detailed and specific data, which the co-creator can use as background material for their action and artefactual production.

Iterations: We strive to facilitate a openness towards what happens in-between the design cycles. To try develop and put forward qualities that are hidden from the concepts point of view and by doing so – have the concept redeveloped itself through the results and experiences we achieve by the iteration,

Different perspective/point of view: Common method to see the world through some one else´s eyes, through a philosophical statement or system. To help us rediscover the ordinary and the world that surround us.