The Vagabond
Characteristics / Self centered, independent gaze. Friendly but always with a guarded attitude. Proud. Strong. A worker. The Vagabond…is the stranger, he can never settle down…has no set destination. Unpredictable, free-roaming…each place for him is a stopover.

One of the movies in work-in-progress app WanderLost invite participants to a journey in an urban landscape. We meet four characters – The Flaneur, The Vagabond, The Player, The Tourist – guides to the exploration of Kødbyen in central Copenhagen. The app will be implemented summer 2016. More on the app Wanderlost >>>

Credits /
The Flaneur / Christian Van Schijndel – The Tourist / Halla Katla
The Vagabond / Jørgen Callesen – The Player / Marika Kajo

All characters are inspired by the essay ”From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity” by Zygmunt Bauman

Concept / Michael Johansson, Thore Soneson
Director / Thore Soneson / soneson.se
Costume designers / Christian Van Schijndel, Jørgen Callesen / Warehouse9