18-21 May 2017 WANDERLOST – Digital Art Festival – Participatory Events & Exhibition

WANDERLOST – Digital Art Festival is part of the EU Project “Peoples Smart Sculpture” – Social Art in European Spaces is a creative research and innovation project about the cultural evolution of the European city of the future. It addresses the growing complexity of life in today’s city spaces and imminent challenges to the development of the urban environment. The People’s Smart Sculpture PS2 explores the possibilities of participation that will become a smart culture technique as a result of the ongoing digitalization of society. 12 partners – including universities, museums, galleries, theatres and research institutes – in 8 European countries will organize 11 connected open labs integrating new art, design thinking, science, smart technologies and user culture for the participatory re-design of urbanity.



15:00 Exhibition Opening –
Introcuction by PRAMnet M6 FOYER/CAFE
16:00-19:00 Core Act – Dit bord er mit bord / My table is Your table –  WH9 Outdoor
17:00-19:00 OmniPresence – live stream M6 FOYER/CAFE
19:00-21:00 Bar/Lounge is open M6 FOYER/CAFE

14:00-18:00 Clare Farell & Miles Glyn (GB) – Body Politic – Sustainable fashion/urban art Workshop M6 FOYER/CAFE
14:00-18:00 Meisterbrau ft. The Butchers (DK) – Alternative Fashion Workshop M6 FOYER/CAFE
14:00-18:00 Minecraft Your City (DK) M1+2 STAGE
14:00-14:30 + 16:00-16:30 Stanza –
The Global Dérive: The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts / The Binary Graffiti Club – Introduction to the City walk. M3 GALLERY
17:00-19:00 OmniPresence – live stream M6 FOYER/CAFE
17:00-18:00 Peter Vadim Juhl Nielsen & Trine Trash (DK)
Twigs – workshop/performance M5 GALLERY
20:00-22:00 Mischa Badasyan – Pristine – Performance M1+2 STAGE
22:00 – 23:00 Bar/Lounge is open M6 FOYER/CAFE

12:00-17:00 Clare Farell & Miles Glyn (GB) – Body Politic – Sustainable fashion/urban art Workshop M6 FOYER/CAFE
12:00-17:00 Meisterbrau ft. The Butchers (DK)
– Alternative Fashion Workshop M6 FOYER/CAFE
13:00-13:30 + 15:00-15:30 Stanza –
The Global Dérive: The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts / The Binary Graffiti Club. Introduction to the City walk. M3 GALLERY
13:00-18:00 Minecraft Your City (DK) M1+2 STAGE
13:00-15:00 OmniPresence
– live stream M6 FOYER/CAFE
17:00-18:00 Peter Vadim Juhl Nielsen & Trine Trash (DK) Twigs – workshop/performance M5 GALLERY
21:00-22:00 Meisterbrau ft. The Butchers vs. Body Politic Fashion Show M6 BAR/FOYER
22:00-22:30 Michiel Tange Van Leeuwen Performance M5 GALLERY
22:30-02:00 DJs – tba M6 FOYER/CAFE

13:00-15:00 Minecraft Your City (DK) M1+2 STAGE

13:00-13:30 Stanza – The Global Dérive: The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts / The Binary Graffiti Club. Introduction to the City walk. M3 GALLERY



Sensity / The Global Dérive: The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

Jacob Tekiela (DK) – tba

HongLin Qian (CN) – tba


Wanderlost app /
Michael Johansson SE / Thore Soneson SE / Marika Kajo (artist in recidence) SE / Marie Fredriksson Karvelas (artist in recidence) SE / Magnus Wallon SE / Alexander Ståhlnacke SE

Open World / Ollie Ma GB

Ideal spaces
Ideal Spaces working group
Ulrich Gehmann DE / Matthias Wöllfel DE / Michael Johansson SE / Andi Seiss DE / Alexander Kadin DE

Michael Johansson / Thore Soneson / Geza  / Design Students Digital Design HKR

Forensic Fantasies / Linda Kronman AU / Andreas Zingerle AU

Shell Performance / Martin Rieche DE

Wanderlost soundtrack / Kevin Kerney DE

KairUs Art+ Research
(Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle)

Recycling Yantra, 2 channel Video
Raphael Perret CH

The Dark Side of the Chip, Photographs
Raphael Perret CH


Mischa Badasyan (RU) & Abdulsalam Ajaj (SY)
– artist in residence – Warehouse9 – March – May 2017 performance & video artist
– photographer
Supported by the Danish Arts Council


human installation by Mischa Badasyan
photos by Abdulsalam Ajaj

art as an act of empowerment and as an approach to cope with your trauma / grief / lost. PRISTINE is a human installation I dedicate to those people who had to flee they country / city / town / street / home and lost everything. I use a tree as a symbol of being rooted / having roots and in the case of refugees being uprooted / losing everything and making an installation made of people and the branches / roots.

I have a tree inside of me, as I woke up I felt the roots in my stomach, when I eat the roots raise up then I must drink a lot in order the tree can grow. Please, water my lips, my fingers, my hands, and my legs. Let the tree bloom, it wants to go out It is in pain. I need a lot of space. Please, take everything from me away but leave the tree for me. Soon it will be grown and big. When I open my mouth, then the tree will get its first light. It won´t be afraid anymore. It is difficult to hold it, brunch after brunch it will reveal its beauty and raise to the sky. I will get apart in the small pieces and will lose my strength. I won´t exist anymore. My tree will be lonely, but with a gained freedom

Mischa Badasyan was born in Rostov on Don, Russia. He studied Political Science at Rostov ́s South University and have been working in social, human rights, LGBT and environmental protecting organizations since an early age. It has made a huge impact on him and his artwork. In 2008, he moved to Germany and eventually began studying social work in Dresden while staying active in social/AIDS/LGBT organizations.

In October 2011, he started just coincidental his career as a performance artist after working as a nude model at the art academy in Dresden. He strongly believes that the art exists only through our life experiences. There is no need to use physical objects to create; you become the artwork yourself. The art should be immaterial like you; feelings of deep love of the World, the Earth and of Humanity. In September 2013, he moved to Berlin which was the next stop in his artistic career where he started doing long duration performance lasted days, months and years.

Abdulsalam Ajaj is a photographer, retoucher and artwork designer born in Damacus Syria.
He is educated from Jawdat Alhashimie High (scientific branch) and  Archeology and Museums (University of Damascus); Damascus, Syria. He is a self-taught photographer, retoucher and graphic designer with further education from Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin, Germany and UDK Art preformance workshop for Professional Berlin, Germany.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/salam.aj.3/

Peter Vadim Juhl Nielsen & Trine Trash (DK)
– Urban Choreographers (choreographer/composer/performer)

In this workshop Trine Trash and Peter Vadim will take small pieces out of context and install them in one sculpture according to their power hierarchy. The more power the pieces have the more space they get. But the power can change depending on the situation. Imagine for instance a small piece of body movement taken from a homeless person opposite a twig from the forest.

This means that the sculpture will constantly change and consist of anything from tangible objects to ephemeral atmospheres and feelings. Those in the audience who are interested are welcome to destroy the sculpture at any time. By each destruction Trine and Peter are interested in knowing the thoughts and perhaps methods behind the destruction. Likewise the audience are invited to learn a few tools from Trine and Peter on how to build the sculpture.
The concept of this workshop comes from the idea that The Brown Meat Packing District is changing. Right now it is home for substance users and homeless people. It is the wish from the municipality, that in the future it will open up to a wider range of people. With this workshop we ask in what context these people can coexist or if it is even possible. What is the context of the area and what is out of context? Together with the audience we hope to discover needs and directions for the development of area.
The dimensions of the sculpture are set by the audience. This means that they can keep building on it for as long as they like, as long as they follow the rules: It can only be build by pieces taken out of context and it has to refer to The Brown Meat Packing District. For this purpose a facebook group called Twigs is created where members can upload photos, videos, sound, text, etc of their pieces and the new context they place them in.

Trine Trash
Trine Trash is a danish multiartist, always embarking on new adventures. She has been performing since age 7 and is working on developing a language of her own, that others will initially understand too. You might remember her big interact art-installation “Smash your Trash” , the movie and choreography “Random Flesh”from Halfmachine, 2004-2007.
She has recorded several records, participated in numerous shows and performances throughout the years, latest working with Peter Vadim in “Utrolige Vinkler”, choreography of liars.

Peter Vadim website: www.petervadim.dk
Peter Vadim’s critical attitude to stereotypical gender identities has had great influence on how he has developed as a choreographer: From mid-90s and about 10 years forward, he worked choreographically with the Queer concept to express the meaninglessness he experienced in being locked into a heteronormative gender identity. His work evolved into the trilogy of Mommy’s Boy and many years of working as a performer and queer activist in the gender political association dunst. In his subsequent studies in landscape architecture he went from focusing on gender identity to working with how identity in a wider sense is dependent on relations and thus fluid. It developed into a thesis investigating how dance and choreography can be used as tools for exploring the changing identity of places and situations. This process gave birth to projects like ‘Map in Steps’ and ‘Automatisk Kombination’. Recently he has worked with artists and scholars developing choreographic and pictorial methods of sharing and developing aesthetic and relational knowledge: ‘Red Apples – Green Apples’ initiated by Karen Vedel, where he was hired as an Arts Educator for schoolchildren in Cape Town; ‘M/S Bibiana’, choreographic mediation of architecture; ‘Koreografi på Stedet’, a performance walk on Spire Festival and guest lectures at the course Site Specificity at The University of Copenhagen with artist Maj Horn; ‘Landscape Scenographies’, by Bettina Lamm, an exploration of how choreographic manifestation of narratives can help put new meaning in to materiality and shape; and ‘Æstetisk Salon and Novam Artem’ where he investigated choreography as a dialogue tool. In may 2017 he is invited to participate in the panel of the seminar ‘Artists at work’ by Sara Gebran.

Michiel Tange Van Leeuwen (DK)
– New Circus & Transformation artist

SCULPTING BODY is a short performance work about the potential of raw material in a city landscape. Large pieces of concrete, metal or wood all hide possible shapes within theire own mass. Michelangelo once stated ‘Every piece of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.’ But the possibilities are endless while working with a living human body. Through flexibilty, strengh and ballance the performer shapes his own body in various contorted positions, constantly searching for new structural elements beyond the regular range of physical ability. Anatomic proportions become the building stones in an abstract way of possible city development.
Can anatomic rules be applied in architecture and urban design? How would a city develop if it was inspired by the shapes of a living organism?
Connecting biology to the foundations of our public environment gives a refresshing look at the future of urbanism.

Michiel Tange van Leeuwen is a gifted performer in the field of contemporary circus. In his work he is exploring the interface between acrobatics, dance and performance art. Advanced skills allows him to create powerful and poetic solo work, characterized by an original and very personal expression. Michiel has a strong focus on visual esthetics often resulting in spectacular looks.

Clare Farell & Miles Glyn (UK)
– Body Politic – Sustainable fashion/urban art Workshop


Based in London, Clare is currently working with various clients sourcing and managing design and development of sustainable fashion products. She holds a BA in fashion, and has worked across the UK high street, luxury and ethical sectors whilst always keeping an interest in politics, the environment and activism. In 2014 she started her own line of technical women’s cycle wear, No Such Thing, designed and developed with performance, recyclability and low toxicity in mind.
Continuously researching, and particularly interested in environmental and cultural studies, Clare enjoys guest lecturing at various universities including Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Goldsmiths and Birmingham City University.

Now working on #bodypolitic, a project developed to turn human bodies in public space into messages of positive resistance she is combining her activist work and fashion design career in a new way.

Miles Glyn is a multi skilled designer and maker with a career history spanning sculpture, set making, 3d modelling and animation. Currently the #BodyPolitic project fulfils the urgency and engagement with the world that Jewellery making, fashion and fine art cannot. When not working on BodyPolitic Miles makes Sculptural Jewellery and Accessories under the name of Strange-Loop, based in East London.

– Digital Artist – Exhibition & Digital art event

A series of artworks based on connecting city spaces. The results are visualisations and sonifications of real time spaces using wireless sensor networks and environmental sensor technologies. Literally painting with data these works open up a discourse about networks and surveillance technologies. The ownership and interrogation of public domain space is opened out where anyone can view all the data in these networks. This is used by stanza to make artworks but it is of equal interest to urban designers, city planners, and architects. Stanza’s main point is to question the social political fabric of the landscape around us. This work aim to reclaim the city which is remade as a real time virtualised space belonging to all. The work is interactive, real time and responsive; it is also available online.

Sensity Copenhagen is inspired by the famous Manet painting of 1863. Stanza set up a wireless sensor network around a park in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007. This artwork visualizes the dynamic data around the park. The city is made up of bits of data that change. This artwork captures this change to try to understand the underlying fabric of city space. The artwork monitors the environment for change and relays these changes via the sensors to the internet and the artwork. This is open source so other academics, urban designers, researchers as well as artists can make use of the data.


Sensor kit with twenty nodes that can be placed up to 300 -500 meters apart. The changing data is what affects what you see and experience. The flash interfaces reflecting these real time changes in the interactive city space. Live XML feeds from real time sensors when switched on. The sensors can monitor temperature, sounds, noise, light, vibration, humidity, and gps.

The Global Derive , a newly created artistic experiment engaging with issues of data ownership, privacy of information within the real time city. During this performative event The Binary Graffiti Club are tracked in the city, they are monitored and surveyed and the collected data is used to visualise them on large screens in the city.

Performance Spectacle. People walk around the city. They are dressed in the Binary Club uniform the black binary hooded top; the clothing symbol of the age. They are tracked and monitored as units of data, reduced and simplified and represented as a zero or a one. Custom made software tracks their real time position and the data is collected and fed back to the servers. This performance is exhibited inside the gallery or outside in the city in real time. What you seen on the screen is a poetic interpretation, an abstracted interpretation.

Although they meander they are re-formed via software into active agents while their every move is monitored. The group of seemingly aimless individuals are actually collaborating to make the artwork which is visualised. The output represents the collective agency of the performing groups, thus the sum is greater than the parts. Each person in the system is by default an active participant in the creation of the result whether they like it or not. The individual is no longer present in the city. The city is now a fully integrated platform of observations owned and controlled by a bigger system. In this artwork every action forms part of the structure of the design of the city buffeted by its physical architecture and a newly created virtual city of data is formed.

A newly developed software APP called 1001001 is used to collect the data and GPS locations. A server API formats the data into JSON which is visualized into an interface written in Three JS and available back online. Everyone becomes part of a system watching everyone else.

The result is realized as a visualization and seen by the public on large screens in real time.

Wider Cultural Context
The terms of flânerie dates to the 16th or 17th century, denoting strolling, idling, often with the connotation of wasting time. While Baudelaire characterized the flâneur as a “gentleman stroller of city streets. He saw the flâneur as having a key role in understanding, participating in, and portraying the city.

Stanza is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His artworks have won twenty international art prizes and art awards including:- Vidalife 6.0 First Prize Spain. SeNef Grand Prix Korea. Videobrasil First Prize Brazil. Cynet Art First Prize Germany. Share First Prize Winner Italy. His artworks have been exhibited with over one hundred exhibitions globally. Participating venues have included :- Venice Biennale: Victoria Albert Museum: Tate Britain: Mundo Urbano Madrid: Bruges Museum: TSSK Norway: Biennale of Sydney: Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Mexico: Plymouth Arts Centre: ICA London: Sao Paulo Biennale:

Stanza artworks since the mid eighties have focused on the participatory system the ‘city’ that frames questions within his work opening up conversations about the politics of space. He creates investigations about the construction of space, the environment, and landscapes you cannot see. Selected artwork monitor the behaviours, activities, and changing information, of the world around us often using networked devices and information across the internet. This can include observation by means of custom made sensors, networked cameras and computers. Stanza reforms this information and data creating what he calls parallel realities.

He uses multiple new technologies to create distances between real time multi point perspectives that emphasize a new visual space. The results can be aesthetically beautiful maps of data or information such as personal interests, beliefs, and large scale installations representing weather, environmental, pollution and traffic data.

Stanza presents the city as a control system and various art projects have been made using live real time environmental data, surveillance and security data, news and real time information systems. The artworks ‘The Emergent City’ , ‘Sonicity’, ‘Urban Generation’ reform data, working with the idea of bringing data from outside into the inside, and then present it back out again in open ended systems where the public is often engaged in or directly embedded in the artwork. www.stanza.co.uk

Helene Kvint / Anika Barkan (DK)
– Core Act

The performance duo CoreAct invites audience into their performance installation My Table, is your Table- a feast, where we serve cake, coffee and more…

Playing with the idea of the private vs. the public space, inviting people to participate in different tradition connected to celebration, a speech, a song, party games. But instead of traditional topic, the conversation will be based around identity and nationalism. The intention of the performance is to create a situation where we challenge the conversation in a public space, creating a place where you can meet strangers, and share opinions, whishes and dreams.

YOU are invited…

The performance will loop, and the audience and stay for as long as they want. We recommend to spend minimum 30 minutes in our company

Created and performed by CoreAct; Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint. www.coreact.dk

CoreAct is a performance duo formed by Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint.
CoreAct projects use Positive Disturbances and Mobile Scenography in public and private space, as means to engage people and collect personal stories. These personal stories are then processed and become the material for their productions. Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint create an aesthetic and artistic interpretation of collected documentary material and provide the audience with experiences of closeness and empathy. Such experiences have proven to be a great value for a variety of institutions such as theaters, public spaces, nursing homes, prisons, libraries and more.

HongLin Qian
– Digital Artist (CN)



Founded HYBRID COMMUNITY studio in 2015

HongLin Qian has studied Media Art at the Department of Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe,Germany, China Academy of Art and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China.
He is at present in a DIVA residency at Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening funded by the Danish Arts Council


Jacob Tekiela (DK)
– Video artist

Jacob Tekiela is a graphic artist,photographer and teacher,exploring the field between traditional visual art and generative computer art for more than 2 decades. He has been working with video projections and motion graphics for film, music videos,TV and various stage, cabaret and theatre work and has exhibited photographic art at several galleries in Denmark.

He has taught at numerous art and design schools in Denmark, Poland and Sweden, including the National Danish Film School, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and was a cofounding member of the pioneering new media school “Space Invaders” in Aarhus, DK. He has studied traditional art and acting in Aarhus, non-toxic printmaking in Copenhagen and lithography in Academy of Art, Lodz, Poland.

Minecraft Your City
– Urban Development Workshop

by Jørgen Callesen & Jacob Tekiela

Discover Kødbyen in 3D on the big screen in the design game MINECRAFT .
There will be access to game consoles where The Meatpacking District “Kødbyen” will be available as a 3D map in Minecraft for you to built on and play in with 3 other players. This event has sucessfully been developed in collaboration with people from the local area in relation to the Danish culture event “Kulturnatten”  in 2016.

Kassandra Production – Anika B. Lewis
www.kassandra-production.dk and www.omni-presence.dk

Take a peek into the mobile Omnibus when we live stream from the boot camp OmniPresence! In a jumble of PGP keys and privacy policies, clouds and DarkNets, leaks and likes, censorship and selfie-sticks, OmniPresence zooms in on the fly on the wall. Who’s watching who?

Follow our boot camp live from Aarhus:  https://omni-presence.dk/live/

Dates and times:
Thursday 18 May: 17:00-19:00

Friday 19 May: 17:00-19:00

Saturday 20 May: 13:00-15:00

About Kassandra Production and OmniPresence Consulting
Kassandra Production is an international artist driven platform for contemporary performing arts in the intersection of dance, theatre, media and performance art. Kassandra Production is known for unconventional methods and collaborations – this time in the form of a unique culture-business collaboration with OmniPresence Consulting, who specializes in privacy.

Team: Britt Gustafsson, Christoffer Jacobi, Annika B. Lewis, Kristofer Krarup, Filippa Berglund, Anders Krøyer, Jens Mønsted, Morten Ladefoged, Anne Hübertz Brekne. Jonas Smedegaard, Karen Rais-Nordentoft. Administration and PR: Kassandra Production. Production: Kassandra Production and OmniPresence Consulting in collaboration with Bora Bora, Musikhuset Aarhus, Cph Stage, Performing Arts Platform, CAVI, IT University, Goethe Institut Washington DC a.o.

Wanderlost app /
Michael Johansson SE – Thore Soneson SE – Marika Kajo (artist in recidence) SE – Marie Fredriksson Karvelas (artist in recidence) SE – Magnus Wallon SE – Alexander Ståhlnacke SE – Kevin Kerney DE

An interactive smartphone app that invites users to an eyeopening walk around a city. You are guided via gps to hotspots that challenge you to reflect and comment on the sights with images. The app are a poetic way to explore stories and reflections on social and cultural levels, to interact with your environment and explore a cityscape.

Wanderlost are developed during an ongoing research project led by Michael Johansson together with members of PRAMnet, Thore Soneson and Marika Kajo. Interactive structure and themes by Marie Kavalas and programming by Magnus Wallon.

Ideal spaces
Ideal Spaces working group
Ulrich Gehmann DE – Matthias Wöllfel DE – Michael Johansson SE, – Andi Seiss DE – Alexander Kadin DE

Ideal Spaces is an art and research working group that aims to experience spaces of social and imaginative relevance. It is not only about architecture but about social dreaming and imagination, expressed in ‘ideal’ spaces with their impacts on architecture, art, and human hopes. We tried to show this via a combination of presenting ideal city spaces, active participation of the visitors molding their own spaces, and symbolic representation. Ideal Spaces is also a high-tech project that uses diverse technologies in new ways, also new techniques and programming developed by us.


Michael Johansson SE – Thore Soneson SE – Geza Ribberström Palyi SE – Design Students Digital Design HKR

In 2015-2017 we engaged students from the Digital Design program, Kristianstad University exploring the theme Non-Places as part of our development process of the smartphone application Wanderlost.  In various design team they designed concepts to create experiences where users are invited to a walk in an urban landscape, get lost, discover and create new experiences in the city’s non-places. The images gathered and the concepts created was later analysed by the team developing the Wanderlost application and the students, and a series of new and older images was added to this study to give a broader idea of what a non-place could be. Here we show some of these images from this study.

Open World
Ollie Ma GB

(Ars electronica 2016)
KairUs Art+ Research

KairUs is a collective of two artists Linda Kronman (Finland) and Andreas Zingerle (Austria). Our work focuses on human computer and computer mediated human-human interaction with a special interest in transmedia and interactive storytelling.

Forensic Fantasies (Ars electronica 2016)
Linda Kronman FI – Andreas Zingerle AU

Linda Kronman (Finland) and Andreas Zingerle (Austria). Our work focuses on human computer and computer mediated human-human interaction with a special interest in transmedia and interactive storytelling.

Shell Performance (Ars electronica 2016)
Martin Rieche DE

Formally educated as a computer scientist at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, I became a student of media art of Michael Bielicky at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. Today I am a self-employed media artist and independent researcher living and working in Berlin with interest in space, perception, digitization phenomena, digital anthropology, power relations and minimalistic aesthetics. My work addresses issues such as international power networks, religion, changes in the human condition through technology, mass surveillance and electronic and physical warfare.

Recycling Yantra, 2 channel Video (Ars electronica 2016)
Raphael Perret CH

The Dark Side of the Chip, Photographs (Ars electronica 2016)
Raphael Perret CH

Raphael Perret is a Zurich based artist, exploring the interplay between physical and virtual spaces, the closing of cir­cles, as well as the examination of value systems. He holds a Bachelor in Interactive Media and a Master of Advanced Studies in Scenography. He has taught at the Interaction Design department of the Zurich University of the Arts. His art projects have been shown worldwide in places like Gwanju (South Korea); Rio de Janeiro and London.


Vesterbro Lokal TV

              Peoples Smart Sculpture   


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