Workshop 10

We have now finished and concluded workshop 10 – playtest Play & Drama 1.

We are preparing the next workshop 11 – play & drama analysis – in Malmö Aug 2016

We are now in the process to write a analytic report on the experiences we had with the following events that we visited and took part in through 2015-16 which included, Walking Holding in Kødbyen, Bombina Bombast in Malmö – Dreambox och Video walks, and Walk Hands Eyes at Gamlegården Kristianstad.

We also decided to involve the city of Kristianstad a lot more in the final event in May 2017, with a close collaboration with Kristianstad Konsthall/the art museum, the city  and Gamlegården to secure possible venues for activities between september 2016 until May 2017

We are also analyzing all the student projects at HKR in the course Media services in mobile context from 2015-2016. We will put up this on a new project blog before workshop 11 for further analytics.
We are working on a timeline for artistic projects and residencies 2016-2017
We have a close collaboration with Do-Fi on AR programming of the app Wanderlost one of the projects that will be premiered in april/maj 2017 in Kristianstad.

We also contacted and pre-signed Andreas Zingerle (AU), Linda Kronman (FI), Olli Ma (GB) and Martin Rieche (DE) for the final event. Ulrich Gehmann and Matthias Wölfel are also supporting and collaborating how to implement parts from the Ideal Space exhibition in Venice to be shown as part of the main event.

We have been invited to show the exhibition Non-Places in Gdansk in september this year and Michael Johansson and Geza Ribberström Palyi will be present at the opening.

Things we not had time to discuss this time:

Is how to continue the work activity with stakeholders in Kødbyen regarding lights and video projection. We were invited earlier this year, were they asked us to host a workshop to show examples of contemporary projection based art and performance projects, as a reference for further discussions.

What and what kind of activities we will do at Kulturnatten in october 2016, who will be conducting the workshop and organizing the event. Here is an example of possible projects and partners to involve.